For centuries, salt has been a requisite in cooking and consumption. In olden days, it was said to have been more valuable than gold. Not only was it used for preservation purposes, but it had this uncanny ability to flavor food. Scientifically speaking, adding NaCl to foods can increase the volatility of chemical compounds, resulting in a rapid release of molecules into the air. Aroma makes up nearly half of the tasting experience after-all. Salt charges foods, making them taste more like themselves, or rather, how they SHOULD taste.  The biggest mistake that home cooks can make is to under-season their food. Americans seem to have an aversion to salt; maybe they’re afraid of hypertension. Regardless of the health risks, it is essential to a well-flavored, well-seasoned meal. You don’t have to eat like this everyday; I’m not your physician. But next time you taste something unbelievable at a restaurant, and you claim that you’ve never had anything like it before, ask yourself why.

Tip: For health conscious people, use sea salt instead of table salt.