We all love tomatoes, using them in pasta sauces, soups, and even as a base for eastern curries. But have you ever felt that a sauce was too tart, too acidic, in other words, too tomatoey? Tomatoes are a naturally acidic vegetable (or fruit), and when cooked they can often taste bland and underwhelming. I find that they require a balance. Sometimes, adding a teaspoon or so of sugar can make a world of a difference. Got balsamic vinegar? Even better. The sweetness balances out the tartness and rounds out the flavor. Another way to elminate the “tomatoey” taste is by slow cooking. Roasting is an excellent way to enhance flavor. Try roasting tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, and chunks of white onions. Blend them together to create an excellent pasta sauce. If you’re making a pasta sauce over the stove, make sure to cook the tomatoes well, allowing for the herbs and seasonings to really penetrate the sauce. Tomatoes are a great base, but that’s all they are.  You shouldn’t be tasting them in your dish.