You’ve heard about it before. You’ve seen it on Top Chef. But do you know what cardamom is?

Cardamom, as we know it, is a seed pod. It’s intensley aromatic and is generally used in ground form, to flavor both sweet and savory dishes. Many Indian recipes will call for cardamum: black in garam masala for curries, and green in sweet dishes and chai. In my opinion, cardamom is best suited for desserts. It has floral notes, with a hint of vanilla. Try mixing a pinch or two in vanilla bean ice-cream, or in chai tea. Cardamom is great in milk as well.  As part of a dessert, I like to mix honey, cardamom, and vanilla into plain milk. It even goes great with chocolate milk. Next time you’re squeezing some Hershey’s syrup into your milk, try adding a couple pinches of cardamom and a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla. It makes a world of a difference!